Thursday, March 20, 2008

number onee!!111!1!1!!!!

first blog ever, super stange,what to type?

so today i decided to wake up late for school, which sucked, i got to class with about a hour left, because i thought we had a test and usually we have our tests in the last hour. SURPRISEEEEE ...the class took the test in the 3rd hour i was like a hour late or soemthing which made me feel alot liek this guy prolly did......anyways since i was allready there i sat through the rest of class, kinda sucked(waist of gas). Apperantly today was student appreciation day or soemthing and they had a buncha food, so i took 3 cokes cus they were free and some instructor yelled at me for taking to many, so i was like ok man whatever... and he was like what did you say?!!! i was like allright man im putting them back just let me get my hotdog, he was liek no fuck that , get out of here!! i was sort of pissed off,so i kept the sodas...while i was walking to my car i stepped off the curb not paying attention and i totaly squashed a dead bird..what are the chances right???

everything else today has been really normal so far, just blogging it up yo,oh and im eating subway right now, it kinda sucks but i think i spend like HELLA too much time on youtube, and the dog (hannah) is hella begging for i wish i learned the intwerweb so i could upload hellza dope videos but i dont have much time before work so ill just link..

and i love lol cats, ill post a few on my next blog(also hopefully have a camera by next blog =D)