Friday, July 31, 2009

britts bday

i love my home...
been hella lagging on this post haha.

full kitchen

watermelons and scotch

so when i got to lous the living room couches were in the backyard and it looked pretty funny, i ahd to take a picture.

and heres the view from the coucheswalter, judging someone.

lou went shoppliftingbbqyayytrixie, hanging on to life
i forgot what i was mad about but it was probably soemthing paul did/said. haha
gurthlou,and big blackthen after soem hella good food we were offhaha, from looking at my blog you would think we play pool alot, and you'd be right.birthday girl!
birthday cupcakes

me kyle and lou played some dizzarts
kyle, lou
i think lou took this picture im not sure why ahha

jen and kyle

Monday, July 27, 2009

hey shandra, we're eating up all your chipz


so i found this tow car/model in the street the other day, and i thought it was hella funny, cause what kid is like"OH SNAP, did you see that stock red s10?!" "YEA BRO that shit is so wicked" haha liek who would want this as a toy/model? so the point of this is PARENTS: reach for the stars alittle, get your kids a lambo toy car haha or else they might grow up to be bad people. so i went to jerms house for beirut like saturday? or ffriday and i stopped by the 7-11 on the way there and im starting to notice these signs are popping up hella more often at differnt stores, rough world.

"man this lines long, fuck this." let it begin.
raj ninja raped me, i totally didnt see it coming.

then jerm took your chips shandra.

they were hella good
raj's metal / i jsut got romped on by matt and jerm face.


this is actually a picture of me winning

pics of jerms aqua vac pro 21, HELLA ELITE.

gotta make sure you stop engines before shutting off bro.

then teh next day mimi and yuta came by and we did some shit

yea those are s13 coilovers, yeah they are on a s30 front strut.

heres a good one of yuta in his uber rake stance, i dont think he wanted me to post this. hey yuta, deal with that. find more pics of the business @

Saturday, July 25, 2009

i hella forgot to post this

so this is form sunday i went to bfast with pualie and we ended up at ihop lol HELLA good though im not tripping about it in the slightest, i love that place.

then we went to lous then we went to go shoot pool rigth after paul took this pic for his gf.heres tyle romping on me lol
me taking a piss
and then stac took us to this other place where her friend was working and it was hella dope causeeeee.... was a actual bar, anddddddd... had fooseball

...and pool lol, so we played a few more games of pool.then brit made some drinks called "daisy of love"?

even her husband looked scared haha
lou didnt mind


me playing megatouch

and i was watchingt tv lol

kyle and megatouch

lou fundraising the pool table.

and i am hella hungry right now.

oh also i forgot to post this , i have been juiced about the alice in wonderland film that tim burton didi hella cant wait and...heres some trailier

looks hella dope...cant wait.