Wednesday, August 25, 2010

pictures from yokohama

so ehres soem pics from yokohama.

Monday, August 23, 2010

yokohama part1

so yuya and i took the night bus to yokohama from osaka, actually we had to take the train to nara because of how last minute everything was we could only get tickets to yokohama from nara.this is the bus situation it was seriously butts to nuts in that meat tube.heres yokohama when we arrived.the bus ride was like 9 hours, fuck. so we took the train back haha it was like 2 hours barely, alot more comfortable and a bit more money. worth it though man, fuck the bus.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

leaving osaka

so this is all from the day before we left for yokohama(we just got back to osaka)this is what i see everymorning, haha hella differnt from home, also its fun to watch ppl below park there cars...they pull into the street backwards and back their cars all the way into their garages its awesome.
yuya and i ate at mos burger, my first time eating there, it was good...not like in n out good though.
morinomiya is our station.
i forget what yuya said to make me give him this face, but it was prolly something strange.
yuya took a picture of this because i told him picture in the middle is hella common in america and it like comes with picture frame lol and that it was at henrys moms house in the downstairs bathroom. sup henry.
bought tickets to the hanshin -carp game.
this is tennoji station, its like a really cool large station haha.

Monday, August 16, 2010

osaka pt 12

ok so this is from autobacs a little bit ago, im trying to just make sure i get all the somewhat important funny pics out right now, but i have been extremely busy latley.
heartbreaker stickers anyone? lolthe other day yuji was walking around with this shirt on and i noticed something strange about all the words haha, CAPCOM
perfect ending to a perfect osaka day. hanshin won the series with yakult, and by the time with gets posted they will hopefully have won the series with yokohama too! and ill be in yokohama hanging. ill be sure to do a real post tomorrow before leaving the hotel.

osaka pt 11

so the other day we went to takaida and checked out the autobacs, it was pretty dope. i forgot to take a lot of pictures though =(.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

osaka pt 11 1/2

heres some pics i forgot to post in the last posting....

hub extender galore i was thinking of getting another one but nah...
i want this bike.
so this guy lives by the apt, like hella close, and i see this car like every other day, and this time i had my camera on me haha....

osaka pt10

so heres a small update of what i have been uptoo, i got curious and went with yuya to check out a local liquor store, usually we just drink from vending machines because of how convenient they are.

this is the koi pond in front of the elementary school we live by.yeah thats right, 4 liters of whiskey....
OLDCROW!!!!! cheaper than fuck.
this is a teaser i guess....

osaka pt 9

so today we met up with yuyas home boy tokun and he plays yakyu still, which is awesome, so the took me to this place called DON and it is basically like rice bowls, but really it is so much more than that haha, they have been coming here all the time since highschool . ithis place might have been the best food i have had in a resturant in my entire the room is like sit down style, and like its surrounded with manga which i dont read ahah,btw im hella rare here in osaka,the only foreigners they get here are hella huge anime and manga nerds and shit.
this kare was like hella boiling hot, which is dope...

tokun is crasy, and was telling yuya one of the things he had done this summer, which i can not retell here because its too dope...but i can give you hints, it invloved a love hotel and climbing out of a window that was 4 stories up haha.
then yuya messed around with the bass and i messed with guitar and now we are good and drunk ahah

Friday, August 13, 2010

osaka pt 8

so in japan they have......toilets with no seats
...mega tricked out toilets
...walkways for pairs of ppl with equally jacked up legs.
....insane parking skillz

osaka pt 7

so we went to the nearest upgarage to check things out, it was pretty dope i didnt get anything big.
this is a tiny oneway road hella trucks were squeezing through it was amazing haha.this guy was parked near upgarage at some sort of building.
we made it yay

this was near the station on the way back
these mirrors looked like the mirrors yuta might have wanted? but there was no mounting part, it was missing.

checking out 880 yen and 1000 yen steering wheels haha fuck.
FUCK MY LIFE........

im thinking this color...
saw this parked in front of apt complex on way home, SOFUCKING DOPE, i really love this make and model, they are like the cadillacs of scooters.

here we are now just chilling