Friday, February 27, 2009

3d puppies

sooo heres some shots of luis's puppies might be the last since they are getting sold soon. i have been playing as much sf4 as possible lately.oh yeah and we went and saw coraline3d i was really juiced about that, i love 3d haha.TEAMWORK

this is runt
the second you step into the puppy area they are tearing you shoes/ankles apart.this isnt a puppy he is however the nicest chi(i cant spell thiss)wawa.
his names pinto but i think creature is more suitable for him lol.

and hong and robert came through to watch tooand i got these sweet shades(they cost 2.50 kinda lame).josh,robert,hong,anthony

Thursday, February 26, 2009


so yuta got this brace thing that keeps his subframe from tearing(hella wierd right?) anyways he was hella juiced so we went up 9 alot this week, also went during the day once(first time) so we dicided to finally go to hakone gardens(since it was open).

tires have lasted a pretty long time

water twisty tree

the whole time we were there yuta was trying to find a way to park his car here

super cool


then there was this guy three wheelin, i took hella pictures of him and none of them turned out decent FML.

theres a super narrow/fucked road up and down.

Te No Hira Houseki - Shaka Labbits

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i forgot my tri pod

blogggg ugh, so alots been going on as of late. i have done some stuff to my car as well as other ppls, i didnt take any pictures of the important things because they look boring, like who wants to see an oil return hose you know? with that said heres a picture of my kick panel under dash part thing that holds a light (lol)
so i was in the garage alot and i just noticed the chop saw had all this whatever shit on it i have no idea how it got there but i bet yuta knows.

i got mad and did this(ek9 fenders)
yuta drives alot so i tagged along with him to heckers some time last week, place is pretty far(i forgot my tripod fuckkkk)

yutathis is the worlds most useless light, in a parking lot (up heckers)

i thought this was really funny sorry for the picture (fuckkk)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

joaquin pheonix

soo today i have gained a brand new hero, after finding this completly random clip of david letterman show... i have literally never seen the letterman show on tv, i dont get to watch tv very often, sometimes i do catch Conan which is hilarious.

and then i got serious and started looking into where Joaquin Pheonix has been and stuff. soo im not really a movie person(i wish i was.), but i didnt really notice Joaquin Pheonix ever quit making movies. hopefully he does come back and make some good movies(he was really good in we own the night.imo)so while searching i found this...

while i was looking for Joaquin Pheonix stuff i found this clip form his earlier letterman show...

and this is the clip that i randomly came across and sparked all this intrest in what Joaquin Pheonix has been doing

talk about before and after huh.

Monday, February 16, 2009

hobo clowns and 6X9's

when i started the day i felt like this. sorta

Silk - Shaka Labbits

so hung out and watched how i met your mother for a bit, and i was hella bummed about my season 2 cause it is aparently fucked. then i met up with yuta, and he took me to roberts and shit. then after that i went to bryans and he linked me this dope streaming site for how i met your mother, and other shit too so im pretty juiced about i went from being on my computer, to roberts and on his computer. oh yeah i have speakers im pretty juiced about them imma get a deck and slap these things in later this is the clown that i have had since forever, and it hella creeps the fuck out of me. i told paul about this creepy shit, and i personally think its liek a million times scarier than your cat thing paul.i feel bad whenever i think of throwing it out though, maybe ill just leave it with my mom or something.
and this is where he goes.

and by the time the day was over i felt like this.

Electric Surfin Go Go - Polysics
yeah had a hard time sleeping.

Friday, February 13, 2009

luis puppies

so today i went to state played some sf4 then met up with the dudes and shit, heres sme pics of luis puppies....
super cute.

oh yeh and i watched the entire afro samurai series just now, not hella dope but sorta wirth watching. imo.
and i really really want sukiyaki... fuck.

Rokudenashi.wma -
and yea.