Monday, November 30, 2009

so if deanza college was...

...a person i would break the fuck out of its legs and arms with a bowling pin then drag it around with its own car then blow up said car with it in trunk, i have been up for the past 45 minutes trying to get my classes for next quarter, and i jsut got them i guess im just not a morning person, fuck morning ppl.

oh hey paul this is what i was talking about at ihop, now you dont have to watch all of the episodes

Sunday, November 29, 2009

dang end of first quarter

so im almost on break (school)and if im correct this break is like the longest of the year so im really looking forward to that, i need to get one of those car heaters(no i dont have heater core =()
also cuong dropped by and he has a new vechile
went to normandy and drew all over the scoreboard someones going to have a good time cleaning that up...well i think its funier then hell

more on this later i have to post about thanksgiving still after all

Saturday, November 28, 2009

willl u marry me

studying has been going down hard lately...but i wish i came home to this every single night...

will you marry me?
and updates liek foreals are coming tomrorow.

Monday, November 23, 2009

bleh school

yeah dude school fucking sucks, also i have no real pictarrs atm cause i left my camera in paulies car, i gotta try and get that back today as a matter of fact.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

some junk

i saw this guy in a parking lot somewhere and thought it looked cool enough to take a picture of it, plus i had my camera in my hand for some reason when we walked by it.also i really want a pair of bronze model5s for the the rear ...


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


went to hella flush
everyone was there


so heartbreaker got 3 awards total pretty fucking sweet.
alex was there chilling

Saturday, November 14, 2009

met up with operation

met up at rustys work
then we bounced out i was being told all the uncut stories from korea(cause there was no gfs around to cry )

most of you will never know whats going on here

bacon pot pie

you know what sucks?
chicken pot pie
old coffee maker shit the bed like big time about a month ago so we snagged this cheapo coffee maker, it sucks too, but not as bad as that chicken pot pie...they should make bacon pot pie mmm

Friday, November 13, 2009

hows he doos that, thats toos felxible...

hahah thats toos flexibles

so been studying and shit

recently i have been on this i want to open bottles in hella cool ways kick, heres the coolest(most succesfull) i ahve seen this week...
and then i saw episode 1 of season 3 of metalocalypse and that was the highlight of my entire month, i love that show...this song is hella dope. i was pretty excited that someone uploaded it on youtube...well all that is available at least =)

so i have been sutdying hardcore for the past like 3 weeks and i feel behind even though im not idunno its a wierd ronny dropped by to show me the fitment and im hella surprised at how low he is i always thought the gay front axles hit the frame rails on these things when average low, but ronnys seriously low his car should get alot of pictures and Efame this weekend at hellaflush, also subaru dorks will hate on him what can you do??....

hey alex you should uhhh, nvm whatever....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LOUS(hollywood) BDAY

create animated gif
Create animated gif

happy bday lou

this monday was lous birthday so we went to hickory pit and bowled some with the wolfpack,
sorry in advance girls most of the pictures i took turned out fucked and i didnt have any dope ones of you purdy ladies.

special thanks to jimbo, your defanitly a big part of the wolf packs existance.


then staci's co worker came with the dopest fucking cake i have/prolly will ever see through my red glasses... shes not a professional which i do not believe that cake was hella kowabunga.
it was hella perfect looking
the maker of the stache cake
the best part of this cake is it tasted almost better than it looked, hella fucking dope.
and of course during all this we are bowling which is fun.
this picture was a accident thats why tis kinda fucked but it is the only known picture of paul with out his creep face on.
id like to thank jerm for not having indian things to do on monday
and prolly the best part of his birthday imo, jim was able to secure a used pin which is much cooler than the birthday pins they sell, and he even autographed it for lou, super special piece of memorabillia.
TE"S haha
then of course we are ALWAYS responsible and have a dd, anyways there was a sheriff in that parking lot and he watched lou throw up aparently, so we got pulled over and it was no big deal.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


so i thought it'd be funny if i welded a metal fold out chair to the floor on the passenger side, and i was hella right, this shit cracks me up.
the tail lights are all bulbed up and working which means only one thing, time to tear them apart and cut them up for led shit.someone forgot their bowling shoes lol

so im saving for a pair of rear wheels, need something 18 something 5X114.3 something cheapish, help me out...