Monday, August 31, 2009

ryans back

so we went to go see ryan cause he got back pretty recently i think,

hung out with dre and went to road rider so ryan could buy stuff

fischer got a 600rr, i like it.

tiny fridge= tiny waters.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

so we went to the beach

and it was pretty cooli dont think alex wanted to drive, whatever.

milo would drop hsi hotdog in teh sand and then not want to eat it haah, ahd to brush it off for him

i used to have such a hard time flying kites liek infront of my house,it was hella windy, the kite flew itself like literally.
see haha it was tied to the chair

dodge caravan doors open...

so we went to mitsuwa but before that, yuta romped on alex and i at mario kart, (im better than alex).

june, dennis, chauncey, alex
amber, yuta
alexei stukov
ambers hot arm...
so you can drive around in the dodge caravan with the sliding doors open, pretty cool.
see this guy rolling around alot.

yuta on the free way.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

boiling eggs

so i was boiling eggs this morning for my noodles, and i got caught up playing sc and they ended up like this, fuck ittt.
we met up with ron and his firend heres what ron was working on
the turtles have been getting bigger
10 dollars worth of shrimp
so earlier tonight dennis saaw warmachine beating on some other cat
thann somehow warmachine fell into the sewer , hahah fucking crasy so he was stuck down there and yuta went chasing after teh cat that warmachine was fighting with, then we lifted the grate that covers the sewer and warmachine climbed out and bounced to the backyard, so heres some pictures for yuta and dennis showing that hes fine, lol warmachine.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

day dreaming at night.

so i decided im going to go ahead and start saving for a ra1, i hella wanted to build a estima but i think the honda doyssey is easier to work on, ebtter on gas, more reliable should make for a cool daily, and hopefully a dope asswagon. heres some inspiration for myself lol, most of these came from the same place.some of these are ra6's i wouldnt mind snagging that front end.

i would hella rather have rb1.2 but yeah being realistic guys