Sunday, August 9, 2009

car accident

so alex scooped me up teh other day, and he ahd this hella fake cupcake chilling in a cup holder. pretty coolthen dennis rolled through and we bounced out to ambers work.
on the way back home there was a hella silent car accident liek right in front of us, it was hella nuts.

the big guy was the one who hit the civic, and he had this big green cardboard box, he like ran right past us with the box , prolly drugs or something? prolly went to hide it before teh cops came.
alex was eating icecream.

the big guys car
anyways we went back to scope it out one more time and the big guy was being arrested. pretty crasy too bad i couldnt get a good pic of it.
mimi learned to weld that same night

my poor unused game area haha, i need to get a ps3 or something...

Rush Hour London from Chris Searson on Vimeo.

hella neat.

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