Saturday, January 30, 2010


the other day i went to hang out with henry trinh gabe louie yuta nikko(sorry dude i cant spell your name) so we watched aziz ansaris movie and it was number ittt
trinh gave me a snapping turtle the other day
his names brutus



Thursday, January 28, 2010

attention patton oswalt

ive liked this dude for awhile but i enver really knew his name or cared you know? hes one of those guys. anyways the other day i saw big fan thinking it was like going to be a comedy comedy like hella funny, but its actually kind of sad...

this dudes funny watch his stand up, give him money, he deserves it.heres what he thinks about the kfc mashedpotatoe bowl



yeah so the ducks score on power plays, and shoot outs...maybe thats why they do better then us????, hey maybe we'll lose to dallas and get the presidents cup again this year?? what do i know??? im just a drunk idiot


yeah so heres some pics of the mini rats as i like to call them

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

so this is hella cool

i have ben fucking with embeding hulu shit, and its pretty cool cause it lets you choose the length of whatever your embedding and like where you want it to end and heres a funny one.

pretty dope right? now i can just post exactly what i want you to see, and you'll sit through a comercial each time and watch it, cause you do what i tell you. awesome


so me and lou and bryan and other ppl went bowling monday (we try to go everymonday if u guys wanna go hit me up)anyways i have been sick for like 6 days and im sick and tired of being sick and tired.but im still too dope at bowlingi blogged while in class the other morning....
click on this
heres a better picture of the plannerand heres a picture of the class notes from anthro..
click on this
i got a B in that class, chyea suck one

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

so i may be pretty fucked up, buttttt

i still think this is fucking funny

you only need to watch the first 31seconds i think youll see what i find fucking ridiculously funny. it makes me want to see a whole episode, but i wont haha cause im lasy.

...the entire shit

yeah so if i can get a motorcycle by the end of this winter, imma try and get a cbr250rr i think they look HELLA like ninja turtle-ish lol.
plus their 250cc which is kinda nifty

im not sure if i like this yet but when i was learning about the 250rr i found these guys

turns out hondas releasing new imaged ones in 2011, minus that ugly tribal shit this could be pretty alright looking, i still like the older looking ones better though =)

also, yuta: this is the car i was tlaking about

imma just do this in lp2 with some ganador mirrors, so you need to tint my windows yuta.

also i found some funnyclass notes imma scan them tomorrow .

smack a bitch in the face

yeha i dont even like zelda, this is pretty alright though.
so i rolled with lou to get some 80s shit together for some 80s themed party were going to hit up
and this place is pretty fucking cool its called moon zoom, and its on san carlos and i must have placed this palce like literally at least 30 times if not more and enver even noticed it was there, no offense moonzoomers... anyways this store has like oldschool shit like everyhting, and it is a old house like seriously, its just a house, ahah i felt like it was falling apart around me, but fuck it.

its a pretty sick store though you should check it out they have interesting thingstalk about vintage... this is the entire music system for the entire upstairs...BOOM you just got vintaged
did some studying, didnt work too good though i think i did pretty shtty on my astronomy test.

heres gruth in his cool collar
heres a picture of my wig, its prolly not the best picture,oh well

i get bored and do some wierd things, and i decided is hould start posting things i do on the blog more often, so here you go fuckers.
lou and i decided to waste one of our keg shells to start making a cooler out of it, first thing was we had to go into the creepy as side yard and get one of them out(thanks lou way to take one for the team) then he washed it and depressurized it, which was fun to watch.
see it ont he ceiling of the outdoor roof thingy
everything smelled like sierra nevada for a bit...its like not finished yet but ill update you guys on that shit when it gets closer to completion.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

funny people

so i have wanted to give stand up a shot, and everytime i write what seems like a semi solid set, i see some actor/actress just being themselves and they are just fucking funny ppl like ordinarily which makes me think i CANT do what they do ahahha, but its all good case in point...


chyea... suck one

yeah its fake, but it still looks kinda cool.
so me and alex went to johnny rockets, cause i think we were the only two americans who havent been there, and i decided that johnny rockets can suck one, in n out is better and cheaper.(and right down the street)
cool music thing that doesnt work , its also fastened pretty well to the wall, i tried to tear it off.then i went with yuta to hayward to kick it with gab and his homie kevin who drives the tc that is pictured here, pretty fun, gab taught me how to lurk girls lol.

heres cool new gabe

Thursday, January 21, 2010


fuck you

im waiting for alex to come pick me up right now to go to ryowa, i wish i had this much bacon at home

went to see yuya play

da da da , da da da la la la

the other day i saw youth in revolt with alex amber and bryan, it was as good as i thought it would be which is rare now a days haha. go see it you frumpy whores.

went to go hang with yuya last night, cause he was playing at the brit, me and bryan went and scooped up bryonnn cause he lives around a block away from the bar.
haha it was too dark, and i didnt want to wierd ppl out by using flash
yuya okamura

yuya and bryan

and me
we saw this dude in the parking lot, i guess bryonnnn has seen it rolling around and it doesnt sound stock

it does have these dual nascar style boom pipes lol i cant believe i jsut said that, but anyways my best guess is its a v8 of some sort

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my your looking rather frumpish today

frump (frmp)
1. A girl or woman regarded as dull, plain, or unfashionable.
2. A person regarded as colorless and primly sedate.

frumpy [ˈfrʌmpɪ], frumpish [ˈfrʌmpɪʃ]
(of a woman, clothes, etc) dowdy, drab, or unattractive
frumpily , frumpishly adv
frumpiness , frumpishness n