Thursday, May 28, 2009

pretty much

so this week/weekend i have lost and found my camera pretty funny and iw as hella bummed and now im hella stoked that i found it, it was in yutas car all along lol.long weekend and shit heres what happend more less.

hella slaps

smith came home
it was mimis birthday

HELLA watermelons
moon got better at sf4

cuongyutahongand me all in the ek lol rolling to the store real quick this was pretty cool i hella wanted to take it
we all met up at gl and hung out for that arcade mania thing pretty fun.

yuta had to park on a speedbump i think this is the first heartbreaker vehicle that can sit on top of a speedbump, congradulation mr.enomorithis pic looked kinda cool.

Circus - Britney Spearsand thuy is currently listening to this.

Friday, May 22, 2009

oh man

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


heres pics of the new one lol king-sley the american pit

heres the first layer of stain, bombay mahogany hella lush

and we signed two corners of the table before we laid the first coat down, hopefully it will still be visibile whenw e are doneskis.

hella fucked

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

been putting this off

so here are the pics of the chair and the lamp/table thing that i got from pauls, i love/use them both hella, and on the bad side i spend hella more time in my room on the computer instead of doing things i should be doing haha, so pros and cons, but the only cons are there are too many pros...yeah think about that for a second.soo this chair is from world war 1 it belonged to hitler himeselftold you. and heres the fucking cat, he likes triangle, and who can blame him its a pretty alright drama(its not utahime good but its allright)

and heres the other thing i ahve been putting off on posting, the progess of the table lui and i have been building.

pretty much doneskis, just need to add the autographs, and stain(which is going to take HELLA long i think)

Such Great Heights - Postal Serviceremember this songg?? =)
danggggg HELLLLAAA filler episode.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


so lui wanted to make another beirut table this past weekend, so after we got a few days of games in we started tearing into the new project(sunday).spent hella time at homedepot choosing differnt stuff for the table and got a huge chunk of work out of the way today. it was pretty hot today.

we got hella further than this but i didnt want to take pics cause i was hella worn out and all messed up from cutting plywood, so i decided it could wait till tomorrow, tomorrow we plan on finishing the table.
oh yeah and...

...hahaha i love fat cats i wish my cat was hella fat(hes a picky eater)