Tuesday, May 19, 2009

been putting this off

so here are the pics of the chair and the lamp/table thing that i got from pauls, i love/use them both hella, and on the bad side i spend hella more time in my room on the computer instead of doing things i should be doing haha, so pros and cons, but the only cons are there are too many pros...yeah think about that for a second.soo this chair is from world war 1 it belonged to hitler himeselftold you. and heres the fucking cat, he likes triangle, and who can blame him its a pretty alright drama(its not utahime good but its allright)

and heres the other thing i ahve been putting off on posting, the progess of the table lui and i have been building.

pretty much doneskis, just need to add the autographs, and stain(which is going to take HELLA long i think)

Such Great Heights - Postal Serviceremember this songg?? =)
danggggg HELLLLAAA filler episode.

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