Wednesday, March 31, 2010

alexs bbq

it was hard to pick a song for a post about alex haha

so last weekend was alexs bday, and i have some pictures from thattttt, pretty fun and good food.
we went to some resturant grocery store, and its really crasy, its like where costco shops haha.
40lbs of bananas.
all sorts of differnt union rings, awesome.
these are my favorite type i think

HELLA pickles

had alot of oysters, i mainly just ate oysters and short ribs

so he got a cake which was actually pretty good, i hella hate eating cake too.

they were trick candles

Monday, March 29, 2010 you dress like a man often?

went to alexs like a week ago haha, i have been lagging on uploading pics, plus alot has been going on believe ti or not.
hey justin i need to borrow your truck so i can take this guy home.


rjs car

Sunday, March 21, 2010


...stay in school
awesome right?

lou and iwent to goodwill and shit to kill some time, found some cool shit, now that i think about it i dont have any pics of what i actually bought haha...

yeah dude a fucking bentley tv
THE LOST BOYS on laser disc...fuck you
ahha the "its always sunny camcorder"
some power tools and ps1 controllers
thent there was this which was surprising as fuck haah
...fucking jzx81... playing with my head


remember this song? and collecting wood paletttes for bonfires haha
been doing school work like a dick head past week, glad its over for now.

went to henrys like thrusday...
henry trinhyuta

heres what i was doing
and this is what adrian was doing

then earlier this week i noticed something strange...
check out his tailgate

wierd right?

Monday, March 15, 2010

hung with yuta

i was hanging out with yuta, the other day, and his motor came so we took the tranny off

i took these at justins house, i was surprised at how perfect this flower was haha.
then yuya came by and we were wearing like the same shit...