Monday, March 1, 2010

blood sweat and tears, but only a few tears, fag.pt1. seriously barely any tears.

so i went to try and help yuta out, before the show, and i dont think anoyone really knew we wouldnt get to sleep that night but me, its just how things work with us, its a pattern haha, anyways pictures...

haha there was some embarassing graffiti up on there so i tried to cover it...=/

steven came by
alex ,dennis ,pk
too many ppl to list
i really want to see this picture steven...

alex truong was the first person to sign the hood
amber did this
this is amber
here it is parked in the street right before me and amber left the house...
right after i took these it was around 540AM and we(amber and i) rolled to rons to get his q towed... and heres a video of some of the shit that was going on, alex is a beast.VVVVVV

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