Tuesday, March 31, 2009


sooo a week or two ago they found the colonel (kfc) and im hella juiced, this means the curse is lifted.what happend was in 1985 the tigers won the central league pennant for the first time in 21 years(the went on to win the national championship that year as well, baby), so the fans got hella juiced and grabed a colonel sanders statue from out fornt of a kfc, and put a randy bass jersey on him, oh yeah and i guess they chose the colonel cause randy bass had that beard and he was white, so kinda ressembled him you know?... anyways they threw it into the dotonbori river, i remember reading somewhere that hella ppl jumped in also, which is crasy cause it was really polluted at the time ahah.so there you go curse lifted, GO HANSHIN.
giants? GTFO

HAHAHA HELLA looks like my cat, i really want to do this to him, but i bet he wouldnt let me...

the other day i left the house like around 8 am, and he was like this on the couch, then i got home around 10 and he was still sleeping on the couch just in a differnt spot lol,whatta guy.

haha kinda stereotypical

oh and i jsut found this liek righ thtis second.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


so lowney dropped by the other day, and i seriously lawled this guy is the best at not giving a fuck hahaha, so heres his new kouki front... awesome.
HAHAHAH spaced out zipties awesome GG lowney your the man.

impeccable hood fitment.

and i got some sanding done on my car and some interior things done as well

Friday, March 27, 2009

...ohh car painttttttt

so yuta decided it would be cool to use the front license plate brackets for the rear lol and we went to go drive heckers and as soon as we exited the freeway a sherif pulled right behind us and followed us for hella long, then finally pulled us over and said he couldnt see the license plate on yutas car. it was cause the light was behind the license plate, oh well though the cop was hella cool let us go, then yutas car wouldnt start for a little while lol. its cool we ended up driving ahah and going home safely.tso like 2 days ago yuta wanted to paint his car, so we sanded it in the street, super fun, then moved my car out of the garage and set up the "paint booth" and we were all good.
overall it only took about 6 hrs to diss assemble, sand, spray,dry, and re assemble car, pretty cool.

and here it is yesterday, still hasnt been washed, or buffed, the color looks doper irl.

i like it alot haha

im eating this right now its pretty good.

my cars next i guess =/ imma start making the car smooth again in like 10 minutes ughhhh.

Monday, March 23, 2009

ohhh...that dc2

so i started making ash bottles out of boss cans lol, i had no idea i drank this many, i noticed when i was emptying this garbage bag thing i keep in the car, and i remmeberd how none of my friends cars have ash trays for some reason,(my s13 has 4 and it doesnt even run.).

so for the first time ever i decided to step it up and get the big container of turtle food, so i think this thing should last like 4 times as long as the medium ones i normally get.
haha and i have been watching all the simpsons episodes before bed.

kingsley and klaus
and i have some pics from cuongs house the other day, lol
heres a hella dope windshield sticker damn haha
oh and heres a play by play of what happens when you say something cuong doesnt like."what?""haha your serious?"

"you better hope your wrong! cause if your right...."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

shhhhhh,, its coming backkkk!!

so i think it was two nights ago we went out to normandy lounge in santa clara(i think) and chilled played some shuffle board,darts,caught up with some ppl hella dope night.shuffleboard sooooo i have played this game twice now haha and i must say im starting to get into it. its hella fun once you get into the game(just like anything else in the world).
guys night out,which was cool cause we all got to stay out till we felt like leaving/ no bullshit happend.

lou and raj acting serious

fake salt
bryan made a burrito burger.

i made a makers tower

and louis made, me jelous of his phone.

passed by this tiny place on the way home tonight always wanted to snap a pic of it and tonight i happend to be stopped at the light right in front of it so i figured why not attempt to take a picture.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

im not cleaning my room...

instead of cleaning my room imma post some stuff i have stumbled across.oh and "i love you , man" is coming out tomorrow im hella excited about that cant wait to see it.
i love the onion hella fucking funny

since baseball season is coming up.

and im listening to this atm.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

bottle full of piss? check

so this week i filled a water bottle up with piss, that was like one piss sesson pretty nuts i piss hella, anyways the plan is to leave that in someones car and see how long it takes them to find it, it has my name on it so they
ll know who did it lol this guys next LOL

also went to the hut out in santa clara last week i hella forgot to post pics, i think it was last thursday, its pretty dope they have business cards and dollar bills ALL OVER the ceiling, its from previous scu students that have graduated and started businesses, hella cool place.

then we went to goose and this is the paper i pretended to read, while avoiding a akward conversation lol the article is about this filipino/italian food place somewhere on the alameda if i remember correctly, sounded interesting ill try and find it this weekend.