Friday, June 26, 2009

omg wtf

so i found this, im sure hella ppl have seen it in thier own forums anyways its about a motorcycle and a energy drink and HELLA EPIC FAILURE.page2 is hella omfg.
wtf right?

Song of Hasuike - こけしDolland im listening to this atm.night

Thursday, June 25, 2009

hey silvia

Youre the Best Around - Joe Espositothis is for you hahaha.

i thought this was dope

so after el jworko i went to lou's for din din and jeff rolled through

so ghiloni told me about this thing called a mcgangbang and i was like k im going to make that happen today ahah, so i did

it was pretty good not hella good but i did customize the mchicken(tartar sauce and tomato)

lous pops was there keeping it real.
lou riding a cooler

i lost and i was sad

then i went home and watched charlie wilsons war, which was pretty cool, and i added HELLA movies to our netflix list haah. tomrorow ill post some of my doodles that i ahve been messing with lol

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


for the operation guys

Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
so yuta came by and we did some little stuff to the s30 then rolled out to sunnyvale to kick it
with operation and shit and shit.
yuta has clean interior imma have to do some of that camera shit and get a good picture of it.

jsutin was under this dude when we got there,(makinga tranny mount i assume.)

yuya was there straight chilling.russty rolled through and we bounced to mtnview to eat.(ended up at a mexican place called la bamba hella good and decent price (but what mexican places arent?)i jsut did a comma within a comma cause i do what i want.)
justin enjoying

"yoiur doing it wrong" -rusty "yea man its called TAPatio not SHAKEatio"-me
yuta agreed that these nachos were really good

then i cut my ankle...
...luckily in n out saw fit to equip me with some bandaids(thanks rusty<<<

i also decided today taht i really want a cb450r so i can make it look all dope and commute, maybe ill make a side car for funsies.and atm im trying to watch alot liek love (netflixed it) but im jsut going to ahve to rewatch tomorrow cause i missed like most of it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

bourbon pops

Ice Cream - New Young Pony Club

so dancing on the ave was this past saturday and we had a mini beirut tournament friday/goose session, so heres some pics from both all jumbled together(sue me)


we rolled in the s4

there were like 6 stages or something.

in the heat of the moment.

spotted this guy on the way back to the car the first time. thought ti was cool enough for a picture...

beer was ridiculous so maria stocked the cooler and bounced to the festival,so for most fo the festival me and lui were chilling at the expedition with some ppl we ran into at the festival.

...and then there was this guy, hellla sick bike i love the attention to detail this bike has.
and then i spotted this tailight, and i thought "whoa that looks likesomething i would do...sweet"
hella clever

eventually we made it to goose ahah

"how would one toe fuck someone persay persay??"-me
"oh, like this."-rose

and then.."DANCING IN THE AVE!!!"
she ate HELLA aparently


me and stacedog

lui was being a good sport and covering it up when he spotted a prety much whole piece of pizza(lol)