Wednesday, June 24, 2009


for the operation guys

Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
so yuta came by and we did some little stuff to the s30 then rolled out to sunnyvale to kick it
with operation and shit and shit.
yuta has clean interior imma have to do some of that camera shit and get a good picture of it.

jsutin was under this dude when we got there,(makinga tranny mount i assume.)

yuya was there straight chilling.russty rolled through and we bounced to mtnview to eat.(ended up at a mexican place called la bamba hella good and decent price (but what mexican places arent?)i jsut did a comma within a comma cause i do what i want.)
justin enjoying

"yoiur doing it wrong" -rusty "yea man its called TAPatio not SHAKEatio"-me
yuta agreed that these nachos were really good

then i cut my ankle...
...luckily in n out saw fit to equip me with some bandaids(thanks rusty<<<

i also decided today taht i really want a cb450r so i can make it look all dope and commute, maybe ill make a side car for funsies.and atm im trying to watch alot liek love (netflixed it) but im jsut going to ahve to rewatch tomorrow cause i missed like most of it.

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