Monday, December 29, 2008


so farnsy has allready made it to vietnam where he'll be staying for the next year, hella sucks. anyways we decided to go to dennys and the donut wheel to hang out with farnsy for the last time this year, its crasy how long i have known this guy i never really thought about it but i have known him since i was 15,he is actaully the reason i met justin and alot of my closer friends i see almost everyday. met up with all of OPERATION which was hella wierd seeing them all in the same place at the same time i never really get to see them all at the same time.oh and heartbreaker(just me and yuta) was there too!
yuta taking a pic of this wierd thing he built out of table stuff

droid and yuta
corey and mimi

randy barshini!!!, and justin

farnsy,danny youngs
danny youngs,matt9000,yuta,mimi

this is hella good, i have never had this before

i jsut thought it looked so perfect,so i decided i should take a picture.

oh yea and i got this for xmas, i also got a nifty key accesory from yuta&mimi, i have a video ill upload of the donut wheel also.

Friday, December 26, 2008

home alone is number one

so it was christmas today, super cool and fun, lots of food...soo today i was pretty bummed cause i was getting a cold yday and i was hoping it was going to get better, but it actually got worse.
PRESENTS, this was kinda funny cause there was this hella big box and it was for hannah (moms dog)at least thats waht it said, so after everyone at the house was done unwrapping gifts my sisters unwraped hannahs present and it was a computer haha a quad core desktop, i was like WTF i want a computer, hannah doesnt even have thumbs, then my mom said that it was for me i was like oh what?! i got hella juiced. i wish i took more pics,ill post a picture or two like tomorrow or something, also im going to have to learn to embed shit soon.
CAB is hella beast.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

...and he gets the girl

i was wrapping my doorpanel, and the mail cameand this came in the mailpizzamy turtle filter yayyi also got a can of oust, i won a bet lol

then, cuong,edison,bryan,hong,dennis,smith,kevin,josh,and i played cvs on the projectorand drank until 4 lolsomehow dennis fell asleep right next to the was hella loud too

soo i found my pops camcorder, and ill be sure to record some cvs2 matches with it later.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

ruff and tuff

so this past weekend was super famila weekend and lots of drinking, so when i rememberd i took some pics. lui and mike

lui and gurth

maria got me this for christmas hahah HELLA dope

maria being mariamike and anna

i planned on taking a picture of it before i ate it, but i dont like waiting to eat.

amongst the busyness i got some things done, like my glove boxheres a pic of lunch from today...i eat jack in the box on plates, cause im a baller.
so imma start on the door panels tonight possibly, after i play some gow ahaha im hella hooked...

Friday, December 19, 2008

garage filthy

sooo today i didnt get much done, mimi and yuta came over earlyish and brought mcdonalds with them, AWESOME. then we started to do the water pump on the miata, it wasnt hella easy

dont worry we made sure to take the steering wheel off before we started lol.
then i went to ryowa with justin time and russell mania
i thought this was "interesting"
kingsley and klaus eat hella, i think they have allready grown a bit.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

toaster struddle??coolbeans!

so i woke up this morning cause the dog was barking at something, and when i got back into my room warmachine was like right in the middle of the bed, he made it look like he had been there for hours lol... oh yeah and this car was still there...then me my mom and my sister went to morgan hill target, it was HELLA cold out there and windy too, but the target was hella huge, and they had toaster struddle...YESSSSSSSS yea my moms from the matrix... then i cleaned the turtle tank then i put the taillights sorta on, blue blinkers are in fo sho
so mimi,mikey,and yuta where over hanging out and i was hella cold and hungry and so was everyone else so we went to mitsuwa to keep it real...

saw SHAMWOW on the floor and i got juiced cause i saw the infomercial last night before bed lol.
mikey rides motorbikes yuta says some incredibly offensive things

and mimi eats HELLA fast

then i went to play some gears with lui...

so i thought these were funny pictures that girls would comment on..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my other car is a turtle

so i got home today and its garbage day over here so its like NO parking what so ever, so i find parking HELLA far and its hellllla cold tonight. so i was pretty not so happy. i opened my door put my stuff down and see a semi large box on my bed and it hella turned my night around, so yeah i got my tailights tonight...imma wait till tomorow to put them on.


they look hella different with the flash kinda nifty

...all the dope things i will do with you... see bryon?

Monday, December 15, 2008

it was really cold...

so yday i couldnt sleep in i tried hella hard too though. then justin called me and talked about some shit i forget what, but i decided i was hungry so i was going to visit him at work, to kick it. this place has hella good food, and lots of funny customers heres some pics.who is chaud?justin workingmy toesocksso i kinda jsut left the glove there, no one that came in the store noticed i dont think, butttt i forgot it was there and like 2 hours later i spoted it in my pants still , kinda startled me lol
then after he got off work we went out for a bit before heading back to his house to meet up with ppl, heres some pics of what went down what is left of a operation sticker

from justins work, i always thought rasberrys were red lol

heres justins coupe, ill take a picture during the day, or ask david to take a good picture of it or soemthing.

justins guage cluster