Thursday, May 29, 2008

WTB datsun truck 620

oh i got a air compressor today,and justin came buy and left big lebowski at my house..(yesssssss)(pictars tomorrow fosho)

so a few days ago my dog was barking like crasy at around 930 am,so i got up pretty fast really really annoyed, then eventually i went outside to make love to my s13 and this little guy was waiting at the was barking at ups dude i guess

and then ppl started to meet up,while i was busy failing at some motor mount business which is uber not easy,so rays car was pretty low, his lip is actually touching the ground its pretty dope.
since i took two pictars i figured i mine as well post both

then yuta got here,this pic is just after he painted his china ponies,i like it cus u can see the flake pretty ok
then of course yuta started cutting things,and i discovered i needed to get fuel line

then the three vent went in sorta like magic,i had a go go no kocha and mild7 and the three vent was painted and in

its invetable taht we would grow hungry, so we bounced out to ryowa, i decided school wasnt for me today =(...
andddddd i want to buy a datsun 620 pick up so if anyone out there has one let me know

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what month is this??

dang ,havent bloged for hella days, anyways i was just wiki'in it up for worldwar 2 information,and some how i came across lawn mower races?? like the motor sport, its pretty sick

yeah so thats pretty sick huh? dudes hella leaning and the green mowers got mad camber in the front haha i want to get a lawn mower now.

im listening to "shiny toy guns" right now hella dope you should check out "le disko" by them, its cool beans.

and i really hope everyone on here has checked human giant out on mtv its seriosuly the funniest show i have ever seen, super amazing how they come up with such great shit all the time...check it outt

pretty good skit haha, best part of mtv shows is you can find their shows on i love that ,super dope since i dont have cable =D

oh so i saw indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull today(thanks to lou and his super great family) i thought it was a super good movie, it made me want to go home and watch all the older vids ahah i found two that i had on vhs, but i dont have a vcr ahah owned...anywas shia labeouf has hella transformed haha super cool character ,superrr dope harley too, i didnt stay past the end credits was there anything interesting??? please let me know if there was haha,

haha found this on google^^^^^

while im on the topic of movies i hella wanna see the dark knight, heath ledger was a super dope actor, and imo he looks like hes going to be a really really great joker

yup dope socks=epic villan, thats about all i feel like typing(go watch indiana jones)