Saturday, November 29, 2008

the auto show

so i went to the city with my pops to check out the auto show

tailights are kinda strange

i hella want that prototype sticker
i thought these tailights where super cool, acutally i thought this whole car was supercool.
double trouble

yeah, itsa hyundai
i bet you could fit a couple of hookers in that trunk... Z34 nifty so we were leaving and i saw a "drifting section" so i went in and saw marks car which is super fucking clean i havent seen it in person while its been white, i liked the green better mirrors are sometimes used to see whats behind you. RACE CAR was hella surprised to see henrys car there, my dad likes your car henry.

sooo the entire time i was at the auto show i was trying to pick up every brochure i saw, the volvo dudes had these hand sanitizer things so i loaded up, and by the time we were leaving the bag was pretty hefty check it out... would have taken more pics, but i forgot to charge the battery and i was like on 1 bar of juice the entire day...>_<

Thursday, November 27, 2008

so found some picks from that one night i rolled to in n out with operation...
check out that green french fry,made fresh daily
randy and grayson mmmmyeahhhhh, in nomuras f50.
justin,danny,grayson at in n out
"is it supossed to be smoking"? now i have 3 broken angle grinders...YESSSSSS
friend of a friends datsun 1200,pretty dope carbs

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

tuesdays today

thanks to randy, gave me something to do today

messed with some stuff and now they work

pic of the interior, hella plushh

yuta was here earlier sanding things

then i went to sunnyvale to eat with some folks, heres justins/aya's emo hair..

justin plays tetris

oh so full

ohhh yeah and my cat scratched me


she wears hats like a people

someone buy r32 diff