Monday, April 27, 2009

_________ makes my pants tight.

so here are the pics from baseball this past weekend, it was hella fun and i hope we get to go out and play some more this weekend. oh yeah heres a pic of the other morning, you know how sometimes you stub your toe on like a nightstand or coffeetable or whatever and its like it hurts but you know nothings like wrong ??, so i stubbed my toe on my desk and i didnt think to check if i was bleeding, it was like ehh whatever im sure my toe is fine as usual lol...then later i went to put my shoes on and i noticed my sock had blood on it, so i took it off and my toe nail was all fucked, sucks huh?

anthony and chris were both doing burnouts on the bike haha, hella cool.
in this picture... i was prolly saying something like "man i just got a boner for like no reason, wierd huh?"

and these are some of the funnier pics
chris thought it would be hella dope to slide into home haha...and it wasnt.

this pic is hella funny cause you can see like a shoe and part of some pants and it looks like part of chris's leg is sticking out of the side of my mouth lol and this is just funny for no reason i guess.

thanks for taking the pictures dennis

Sunday, April 26, 2009


so i moved my desk to a better spot it feels like i have more useful space for activities lol

this morning i woke up and took some pictures of the room from like laying in bed, pretty awesome so for the most part heres what i see when i wake up...

dog is hella sneaky

then i go out front and see yuta in a car doing something.

did alot this weekend pretty cool i would post pics of everything butttttt nah im kinda lasy and im watching park and recreation and its hella good, so i ll save some blog for tomrrow lol
, sharks won game 5 keeping the dream alive ahah at least for one more game, im hoping they win monday?
and if you ahvent seen parks and recreation yet watch it , its hella good lol hella like the office cept better cause aziz ansari(indian guy from human giant) is in it, fucking love that guy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

damn it sharks

so last night the sharks got shut out by the ducks, 4-0 so its not like you can even say "well, it was a good game". fucking hella sucks im pretty bummed about that, now down in the series 3-1 so saturday we'll see if they can pull it together T-T.

"HANA唄" - Micro of Def Tech
oh and i rearrenged my room i'll post pics of that tomorrow.

Monday, April 20, 2009

parking spots

so yutas fastback has been in front of the house for awhile taking up a valueable parking spot, since its now sold we got that spot back which is hella dope, but it doesnt really matter much im sure neighbors will just take that spot lol. so heres some pics from the day the car got sold.

lucky hadnt owned the car for more than 20 minutes before raising the car hahaha


gone i can hardly believe it.

ti think it was like saturday^^^^ keeping it real in the back yard before goosetown.

then lou caught a flying bug with this clothes pin im not even joking that shit was ridiculous.

then he drank water

Monday, April 13, 2009

time on my hands

so i swatted this bug flyer thing and he landed right in my cup, luckily i had pretty muched finished it moments before intial swattage occured.

what a rough life.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

mega blog

so alots been going on, likeee, i ate a pound and a half burger cause i was scared to try the 2 pounder, but i ate the pound and a half and i wasnt HELLA hungry but i was pretty hungry, i think if i didnt eat for like 28 hours i would be able to kill a 2 pounder lol, im sure bryan can.
3 one half pound pattys

oh and i cleaned the turtle tank again that hsit is a hassle. but the turtles are getting bigger, im thinking of building a tank for them, cause i want a wider tank.
the tanks allready fucking dirty, lol i need more filters or something
yesterday went to sakura matsuri with gray, it was alright seems like everythings getting shitier and shitier as the years pass, but oh well obon will be better.
interior shot of graysons s30, this thing was like motivation to finish my car i love the way the rb sounds, cant wait to drive my shit now.

riblets,combo plate haha the line for tako yaki was like HELLA fucking long.

me eating a roll, we sat like right behind the sapporo stands, it was super crowded, which is dope in most cases but not this one.

i found a pic of davis wearing clothes, pretty rare.
oh and i was mounting my boost guage up and i noticed something interesting...

haha fuck my life, hand me downs are hella the worst.