Monday, April 6, 2009

ohhh he's

last week was pretty productive car wise (i really should start taking more photos of the car) but anyways heres some stuff that i came across during the weekend.sutdebaker, this was chilling in the parking lot of target i was hella juiced when i saw that it had no hood.
u flow
guage cluster just chilling haha, and the PAINFUL harness.

then i got scooped up from home by yuta and we went to henrys ahah,

heres davis just being normal, i have HELLA pictures of this dudes dick pretty awesome.heres henry just ignoring davis and davis checking for lumps??

and thats it for now i have to bounce to get home before 738 so i can be at burger pitt , im going to try to eat a 2 pound burger i have been starving myself all day hoping it would make this easier. lol wish me luck

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