Sunday, April 26, 2009


so i moved my desk to a better spot it feels like i have more useful space for activities lol

this morning i woke up and took some pictures of the room from like laying in bed, pretty awesome so for the most part heres what i see when i wake up...

dog is hella sneaky

then i go out front and see yuta in a car doing something.

did alot this weekend pretty cool i would post pics of everything butttttt nah im kinda lasy and im watching park and recreation and its hella good, so i ll save some blog for tomrrow lol
, sharks won game 5 keeping the dream alive ahah at least for one more game, im hoping they win monday?
and if you ahvent seen parks and recreation yet watch it , its hella good lol hella like the office cept better cause aziz ansari(indian guy from human giant) is in it, fucking love that guy.

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