Wednesday, April 30, 2008

april still sucks

sooo this week found out humans have found away to package happiness, and sell it in the form of SNACKS

yea grayson highly influenced me to make the investment, felt liek a baller for a hour then lived like a hobo for the rest of the night...

OHHHH then my hkb steering boss came in lol, first thing i have bought for the car in what seems like ages, i know i know...super weak right??? dont worry hopefully ill be ordering some shit for the s13 pretty soon..(taxes baby)anywaysss the hubb...

soo the other day grayson took me along to look at a possible trade, it uhhhh didnt go as well as we had hoped though to say the least...buttt went to those places where ppl go after they commit crimes and get arrested and that was dope(didnt see anyone get arrested though bleh)

yeah wasnt really dirty to being with, but it wasnt uber clean either

then there was this wierd broom that oozed soap at alarming rate, but gray handled that biotch ..

oh yeah soo this cars for sale now a ton of dope suspension product, engine in good condition, well taken care of..THREE WORDS taht describe this car...baller

then i went home and drank by myself in the dark, and cried until i passed out...oh yeah and heres a pic of graysons car after it was all washed ..

peace in the middle east square bears

Sunday, April 20, 2008

april hella sucks

yeah havent really blogged, got a camera though! =D

soo lately been doing alot of things for car9000(my pet s13) havent jsut been playing with my dick for the past few weeks...

got a painless harness for it hella days ago but recently started doing things with it thanks to operation justin(likes eating bagels and playing frisbee)...heres a pic of the fuse block, the only one in the entire car super dope..

i also did some other junk like body work and some conduit stuff but i didnt take pictures..

later on in the day yuta dropped by..

so he came by and painted the center garnish for his super dope america is not ready for tail lights, and i think it looked cooler how it was before, but it still looks pretty cool

it matches teh color of the car now, take note of his cute little silencer lol

then went out to sunnyvale,cupertino,mountainview with operation justin,we grabbed some expensive shit to eat with aya at BJ's!!!

then i had a few of these wonderfully delicous beverages(i like the picture better sideways)
then i licked justins nose, it was good

and april sucks because i need nissan to hire me so i can save up to leave, yeah thats pretty much all i did, well besides all the anime,manga, and human giant i watch,read daily, btw if u ahvent seen human giant you are hella missing out...