Saturday, January 31, 2009

blah friday blah

RPF1 finally someone close listened and did it on a honda...too bad it was this week saw valkyrie, and it was awesome imo....heres some gas station pics of yutas new mobile.

i had a good solid meal at mitsuwa for a change l;ol.
and we saw this monster chilling in the parking lot. imma apply there this monday for sure, i hella need a job.

wonder what was wrong.

rock paper scissors.
everyones a winner/losser
charlie....emily likes indie


HYPE BEA... who cares...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


so newyears is a HELLA big deal to masters ct. everyone participates and its HELLA fun,so i left my camera in my moms toyota sienna so i dont ahve the pics or videos from new years uploaded yet been busy lately doing some interior stuff to the 13 which is hella sick btw. visited with some old friends last week here are some pics from what they have been uptoo.

serisous business dc5

oop i found some pics from new years, i took with my moms camera i wish i had time to walk all up and down the block and take pictures of everybody =/, oh well maybe next year.
pauls grandpa made these uber dope storage containers i like them because they are stationary so its prolly hard to loose the containers haha, i might have to steal this high tech design, and use it in my own garage

oh and i cleaned the turtles tank look how happy klaus looks.
ill b sure to upload videos of the fire works and pictures of the ppl that came out to kick it for newyears.oh yeah and the prgress of my car also lol.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

if there was a cup there...

lets seeee, hella hanging out this weekend, went bowling with staci luis paul wayne jen i think my fav part of bowling is choosing all the names for everyone. i bought another set of rims for the bicycle im pretty juiced abt that ill snap a pic tomrrow in the day light. theres hella partys going on outside and thers cars parked like literally everyhwere and ppl are honking hella lol i jsut had to throw that in. anyways played some beirut this past week which was hella dope, havent gotten to play that for the longest time. i FINALLY cleaned the turtle tank and shit, which i feel pretty good about lol.andddd i watched tonights(ydays) fight fedor won and im hella juiced about that.

cups and donuts.

tried to make out with gurth

i went to mitsuwa with yuta in his new(ronnies old) car, which is hella spacey i like it alot, i like taking pictures of beat up cars better than dope cars now lol, how wierd is that.


Friday, January 23, 2009

this month sucks


yutas car

lowneys recently cleaned car

this week has felt like its lasted FOREVER thank god tomorrows friday, on the other hand its sort of good that this week has lasted so long, cause i have hella shit to do this weekend.bleh ill b sure to take pics of hella things this weekend.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

starting to remember

iw as at luis house this past weekend, and the puppies have grown hella since i saw them last. most of them are walking around and stuff too.

tag teaming

luis and sexmachine

i like to call this one crasy eyes

the father
also i kinda have started to care about my car again, ill have to get it finished by summer or something, who knows.

Monday, January 19, 2009

bombs away

so i woke up hella early and decided i was going to ride my bike to packys house which is HELLA far, i didnt think i would make it but i did, heres some pics from the to packys right as he was about to leave to go to drop some stuff off, at some hotel place i found it hella interesting and took pics of the place.the picturethese sorta remind of the first incredible hulk movie was wierd to see this outdoors hotel kinda reminded me of hosptials for soem reason, oh and napoleon dynamite lol.packys upset

pics of the kia spectra,

yeahand packys dad keeps advil in the cup holder of the kia i found this HELLA funny.then i saw this dope ass resturant and had to take some pics of what im sure are hella dope lights.then we went off to bay 101 to meet up with packys folks and ate some lunch, HELLA this beetle was in the parking lot,hella dope fenders...then we ate at sutters inside of bay 101 and watched the cardnials beat the eagles, anyways hella good burgers im not even kiddingmakersmark


it was this cold when i went home tonight, what a nice warm day