Thursday, April 29, 2010

motivational stuff for me,

yeah so i always wanted to find pictures of this car, anyways i decided i was just going to "make" some pcitures of it instead...been a real inspiration for me the past 4 years or so, time really does fly.anywaysss...

im trying pretty hard to do something similar.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

got some car shit

oh yeah so i got yutas old aero, and im selling the sexystyle rear the kouki sides so if anyones interestied on getting a great deal!!! hit me up.pick up only, NORCAL

and heres some pictures of henrys cats...

Monday, April 26, 2010

codmw2 glitch

so i ahve been playing codmw2 since christmas, and im starting to get decent at the game now, anyways i was playing earlier and someone got nuke and the host left so it glitched and this is the screenshot lol.

it showed this(awesome picture) instead of the normal me falling kinda thing hella lol, and where can i get one of those brazilian adidas knock off shirts lol

Sunday, April 25, 2010

im keeping the s13 i guess =(

so i got bored the otherday and i decided i was going to start to fix this issue.

haha its all upside down.

so i rode my bike to sonnys with my ic pipe, to weld one up.

heres sonnys stuff
and i need to get started on body filling again.
i was meaning to do this all day, but i only ended up messing with the car for like 2 hours, alot of garage cleaning got done though =/

hahah fuck

i wish i could like hang out with tina fey, i bet it would be like the funniest day ever...wish they made BITCH HUNTER a real show.

Monday, April 19, 2010

or whatever

so i scanned a few apps, working smart baby
ate at rians.
then i rolled over to coreys to scoop them up.
never get tired of looking at this car.

white people meh...
this is yuya
corey gets messed up on that sizzurb, justin takes what he can get.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

popping a squat at someone elses pad...

so recently i was taking a dump at a friends house right.... and i dont know about you guys but i hate taking a shit anywhere that is not my house, its like wierd. anyways sometimes they wont have any toilet paper, sooo i thought i would let everyone else learn from my experience and get through it with out getting a rash....

so as soon as i sit down i look to my right...fuck, but im allready across the point of no return, so im like" i may have to do some mcguyver shit".
no doodoo the first place i looked was the garbage can lol
alas, NOTHING.
then i saw this toilet cleaner thing and im like hmmmmm, nah.

so im looking around and i see this pile of towels....and im like fuck its defanitly a possibility, by now everyones wondering where matt is, so im kinda strapped for time...

but thats really jacked up, so i was thinking if i cant find anything ill come back to the towels...

BINGO, then i find this book its like by the toilet kinda like behind the bowl part so i couldnt see it earlier...
sooo long story one will ever know what happens in the last like ten pages of sharpes company...sorry derek...

Monday, April 12, 2010

the air port

so awhile back me alex and chauncey got to go check out the international section of the sj airport, all thanks to chaunceys dad. it was pretty sick theres alot of large things.

so theres a bunch of projectors through out the terminal area and i think they are going to prject flight times and arrivals and such, its pretty sneaky the way they put them in the ceiling tiles though.

we got to check out the roof.

we were hella high up

hella big diesel engine

vietnamese polls.

Sunday, April 11, 2010