Thursday, June 4, 2009

in all this

alots been going on with work and stuff like that, so heres pretty much the usual
so we went to scoop justin up from WORK, and he was finishing up when we got there.

russell was allready there when i arrived, heres hes wheels
yuta,justin, russell,with mimi and me up front,i couldnt get mimi in the picture cause she was too busy looking at flowers 

heres a pick of the aftermath

also recently i have been going out on these crasy hikes with paul, and its hella dope being out there, ill post more pics of this stuff tomorrow i have hella limited time to blog tonight i need to get to sleep super soon =/

theres hella turtles in this pond.and catfish

heres pauly trying to get a death by rattlesnake badge

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