Monday, March 23, 2009

ohhh...that dc2

so i started making ash bottles out of boss cans lol, i had no idea i drank this many, i noticed when i was emptying this garbage bag thing i keep in the car, and i remmeberd how none of my friends cars have ash trays for some reason,(my s13 has 4 and it doesnt even run.).

so for the first time ever i decided to step it up and get the big container of turtle food, so i think this thing should last like 4 times as long as the medium ones i normally get.
haha and i have been watching all the simpsons episodes before bed.

kingsley and klaus
and i have some pics from cuongs house the other day, lol
heres a hella dope windshield sticker damn haha
oh and heres a play by play of what happens when you say something cuong doesnt like."what?""haha your serious?"

"you better hope your wrong! cause if your right...."

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