Monday, March 1, 2010

blood sweat and tears, but only a few tears, fag.pt2.

so i left off on amber and i going to meet up with ron to get his Q towed to safeway, and this is really cool becauseeeeee, amber has TRIPLEA and she decided to use one of her free tows on ron,AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW HOW SWEET
so we did that shit, and heres some pics of stuff...

hey ron

done and done, then we went to my house so i can shower and change then we ate and i tried to sleep for a bit, but didnt really get any i was busy watching the new ep of ARCHER, im telling you guys, watch that shit its number one....

so i was pretty tired(we were all hella tired) i didnt really see anything crasy amazing, ran into hella friends which was cool, i think the best part of going to these car shows is running into friends unexpectedly, and im sure they all took hella crasy dope pictures of all your favorite shit, ill find them and post a recap later on.

heres justin from operation, there were a few dudes from operation there that was dope havent seen alot of them for abit now.

FIVEONEOH, spotted this on a dudes 510 must know mr. youngs

then i ran into Antonio from cipher garage and MOTOR MAVENS (check them out if you havent, they have the dopest coverage of the wekfest event) chatted it up a bit then everyone seemed pretty hungry so we rolled out to find a spot to eat.
dennis couldnt wait so he ate some cake, i would say that shit looks pretty homo, but it was really good.

then trinh took her pants out of her purse at the resturant
trinh amber and my glasses
aw, cutey pies
i invoke emotions in others that they cannot explain,

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