Sunday, January 10, 2010

venture bros, BROCK SAMSON

so me and yuta went to cupertino last night to kick it with bryon and his ppl, they were hanging watching google something, tatooing, then we all just looked at internet shit and talked about future car things, i must be getting really old really quick cause that sounds like a pretty good night to me now a days ahah.
yeah someone tagged "pussy" on the wall, isnt that great?
heres rj, son, bryon, leg stutts, tattoos, these arent even tags, i just like not making sense sometimes.

byons fixed gear bi bicycle

...and i pretty much just decided im going to drop my japanese 2 =( sorry nicole,chris, and james...three ppl who do not read my blog lol. in all seriousness i ll pick up japanese in school again next quarter, i learn way more out of class anyways =/ so what are you going to do?
hey you should watch this show

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Anonymous said...

You or Yuta could use these.