Tuesday, February 17, 2009

joaquin pheonix

soo today i have gained a brand new hero, after finding this completly random clip of david letterman show... i have literally never seen the letterman show on tv, i dont get to watch tv very often, sometimes i do catch Conan which is hilarious.

and then i got serious and started looking into where Joaquin Pheonix has been and stuff. soo im not really a movie person(i wish i was.), but i didnt really notice Joaquin Pheonix ever quit making movies. hopefully he does come back and make some good movies(he was really good in we own the night.imo)so while searching i found this...

while i was looking for Joaquin Pheonix stuff i found this clip form his earlier letterman show...

and this is the clip that i randomly came across and sparked all this intrest in what Joaquin Pheonix has been doing

talk about before and after huh.

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