Saturday, August 14, 2010

osaka pt 9

so today we met up with yuyas home boy tokun and he plays yakyu still, which is awesome, so the took me to this place called DON and it is basically like rice bowls, but really it is so much more than that haha, they have been coming here all the time since highschool . ithis place might have been the best food i have had in a resturant in my entire the room is like sit down style, and like its surrounded with manga which i dont read ahah,btw im hella rare here in osaka,the only foreigners they get here are hella huge anime and manga nerds and shit.
this kare was like hella boiling hot, which is dope...

tokun is crasy, and was telling yuya one of the things he had done this summer, which i can not retell here because its too dope...but i can give you hints, it invloved a love hotel and climbing out of a window that was 4 stories up haha.
then yuya messed around with the bass and i messed with guitar and now we are good and drunk ahah

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