Monday, August 16, 2010

osaka pt 12

ok so this is from autobacs a little bit ago, im trying to just make sure i get all the somewhat important funny pics out right now, but i have been extremely busy latley.
heartbreaker stickers anyone? lolthe other day yuji was walking around with this shirt on and i noticed something strange about all the words haha, CAPCOM
perfect ending to a perfect osaka day. hanshin won the series with yakult, and by the time with gets posted they will hopefully have won the series with yokohama too! and ill be in yokohama hanging. ill be sure to do a real post tomorrow before leaving the hotel.

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Ruiz said...

Resident Evil / Biohazard = is best

Sweet video choice!
No More Mr. Niceguy was like the only rare time Megadeth recorded as a 3 man group (Jeff Young had just left)