Friday, August 13, 2010

osaka pt 7

so we went to the nearest upgarage to check things out, it was pretty dope i didnt get anything big.
this is a tiny oneway road hella trucks were squeezing through it was amazing haha.this guy was parked near upgarage at some sort of building.
we made it yay

this was near the station on the way back
these mirrors looked like the mirrors yuta might have wanted? but there was no mounting part, it was missing.

checking out 880 yen and 1000 yen steering wheels haha fuck.
FUCK MY LIFE........

im thinking this color...
saw this parked in front of apt complex on way home, SOFUCKING DOPE, i really love this make and model, they are like the cadillacs of scooters.

here we are now just chilling


Yuta Akaishi said...

Yea, i'm gonna go kick it with ya'll, area looks fun.

and LOL @ R33s!

Ghiloni said...

fuck!!!! if only you can get me the set.

Anonymous said...

oh fuck that gold and wood nardi yuya was holding....FUUUCKKKK I WANT THAT.

matt said...

ah dude that thing is sort of fucked man, ill see if i have a better picture for you. i plan on going back to that upgarage this week.

Davis Nguyenski said...

Dude that scooter is dope. it's called a Honda Helix in the states. super cheap. only about a rack