Tuesday, July 14, 2009

martins collection part1

and yay someone romped on daigo

so we rolled out to go see the 610 wagon as you allready know but we did not expect to see any of what we saw haha

so of course i had to check this out. it was in the same lot as the 610 and the first thing i noticed was it was RHD .so i had to ask martin (founder of the feast)about it, and he told me it belonged to a man from england who he knew through another friend, and that man from england was here in the states to compete in a race around south america . he had brought the jeep so he could drive around and stuff, anyways after the race was over he went back to england and he left the jeep at his friends shop saying that he would get it later. shortly after he had returned to england he passed away, and martin was looked for something that could tow some of his scca cars so his friend told him the deal and just gave him the jeep, since martin has a dealer license and dealer plates its registration status wasnt a issue, so thats how that rhd jeep came to be i thought it was interesting enough to type out lol.

so in the first office we went to(yea he has multiple offices) he had tons and tons of old model cars, and most of them were in huge glass cases taht lined the walls.

he had steering wheels form all sorts of cars on the walls,

a alfa romeo front end

not too mention the book cases full of older japanese car graphic magazines, he had bought every one of them since 1980 or something like that. he also has HELLA other car books, like american cars, european cars, japanese and everything.

i think this nardi scarf deserves a caption, i thought it was a painting of a nardi woodgrain wheel which is fucking hella dope, but martin told me it was actually a scarf that nardi had made along long time ago haah, and he had it framed, he had other scarfs from some old race events but the pictures turned out extremly terrible(not that any of these are good) and the nardi one is defanitly the coolest.

so shortly after we got into the second office justin asked martin if he had any projects he was currently working on, he kinda grinned and told us to open this door that was in the back of the office, so me and yuta were still looking at magazines/putting them away so we could go see what was behind the door, and...

i would write a caption for each of these cars but i couldnt remmebr the year or what the cars where called other than the make haha im terrible, well you cant really blame me because i have never even seen most of these cars on the internet before let alone real life.(btw above is a yamaha 50cc ysr and it now belongs to android)

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