Friday, July 31, 2009

britts bday

i love my home...
been hella lagging on this post haha.

full kitchen

watermelons and scotch

so when i got to lous the living room couches were in the backyard and it looked pretty funny, i ahd to take a picture.

and heres the view from the coucheswalter, judging someone.

lou went shoppliftingbbqyayytrixie, hanging on to life
i forgot what i was mad about but it was probably soemthing paul did/said. haha
gurthlou,and big blackthen after soem hella good food we were offhaha, from looking at my blog you would think we play pool alot, and you'd be right.birthday girl!
birthday cupcakes

me kyle and lou played some dizzarts
kyle, lou
i think lou took this picture im not sure why ahha

jen and kyle

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strwberriavenu said...

it was a joke! jeeezzz gurth looks so cute though :)