Saturday, December 5, 2009

your too digital...

haha i have this on vhs
i went to the sf auto show with my dadabout a week or so ago(forgot to post pictures until now), that shit sucked, like hella. didnt take hella pictures whatso ever there was liek no interesting things... nissan decided not to even show up haha. lexus didnt have the LF-A LA auto show got it though if im not mistaken.

this is a picture of a muffler on a tundra i think lol i was so bored.
aston martin
i liked this cadillac

i made a new cd cause i left my cd case in pauls car like a year ago and never got it back, i need a new one i guess.

heres this tetora plushy grayson got me... hella dope like for someone to think of making this a stuffed thing, thats pretty out there, imma start making life sized garbage can stuffed animals.

heres some pics of real tetora

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