Wednesday, June 23, 2010


hung at bryons and shit.talked about car things
yuta and hendwag came by and hung .
i got motivated so i went home and cleaned out the inside of the car, getting ready to paint it. i should be laying down paint tonight after class.


Ruiz said...

yeah yeah yeah, you see that 'door card' right there? I wanted to do the same pattern in my 14 but either in R/Bk or Gry/Bk--no luck finding tho.

I'm happy to see it's coming along!
Roll Cage even!

[War Machine is such a sweet cat]

matt said...

yeah dude im stoked on painting the interior, may have found some china mustangs to set the car on until i get something else, im trying to do my interior different with the next doorcards.hopefully. and warmachine is too large haha.