Friday, June 18, 2010


so i was on speedhunters earlier just wasting my time or whatever, and i came across this wierd hellaflush event thing...
so i saw this pic and i was like oh nifty its a event for show cars? wierd?

...then i clicked this link and found out they rented out a track, so they can fucking PARK cars on wtf, it feels like im in a southpark episode or something. so im wondering how many evos,fd civics,scions,and z33s with fixies strapped to the roof will be on this track at once ?
check out this awesome corner, yeahh get ready to do some awesome PARKING on this corner and many corners like this.

i wonder what the ppl at the track said when they were told that the renters planned on parking cars on the track and not driving lol, at the very least im assuming it was cheap,but that still doesnt mean it isnt lamer than fuck.
but wait theres more!
..becareful when you park, wouldnt want to scuff any illest or hellaflush stickers you may have on your bumper. so yeah this is the silliest/most unmetal thing to ever happen imo..but then again car shows are all pretty lame...except for jccs,duh.


Luis said...

dude i fucking hear you on this, like reallllly????????????? i saw that first pic and didnt even bother to read the article because i knew it was going to make me want to suck big foots dick because that is how gay it would make me.

Kenny said...

i understand where ur coming from matt, why have a car meeting on a race track? haha, im not too sure (could be for fun?) but regardless, there's probably gonna be some decent cars there.

matt said...

@lou big foot doesnt exist...but im sure his dick does.
@kenny,i concur.

Luis said...

so does big foots dick just float around the woods and smell horrible?

Jay W, Sexican Mombrero said...

lololololololol excellent summary of the dumbest event ever, *APPLAUSE*