Friday, October 9, 2009

jccs pt 3

k so heres jccs pt 3henroids bigboy camera

i really should have brung the front bumper, ohwell
dope teall around dope, i hella love teh 4doors

4 dollars worth of lemonade, those fuckers must have made a killing
saw a ton of these swivley intake pipes does someone make these?

2000gts, i never get tired of seeing these, i remeber getting to sit in one HELLA years ago and that was prolly the highlight of my life so far.
see this car at jccs every year i remeber it as "the car with the crasy fuelness"
said crasy fuelness
mimi about to knock over the redbull
so this was the coolest 510 there imo, too bad dannys 510 wasnt there huh

fucking cool

mad max looking celica

yeah so dont trip theres still more pictures, bloggings really starting to become a chore...

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