Tuesday, October 6, 2009


so everyone was working hella hard to get the wagons done so we could all roll out to jccs, we figured at the latest we could bounce by 2am and be there by check in
heres how we left rustys motor, it looks worse than it is liek really, they had the charge pipe done and some of the exhaust and stuff, all the wiring was done also.
heres how the interior looked, we were joking about puting the interior in on the way to la lol
i fucked up lol
the driveway
went to tacobell, note to self dont eat tacobell before long drives.
i think this is when we all decided it was best to not destory the turbo and just throw in the towel on rusty's wagon =(
i used to ahve this in my bathroom when i was a kid im hella surprised rusty had one too haha.
everyone else rolled over to head out

on the way to meet up with henry

thought this was cool
met henry at a gas station right on 152

richs car is hella fast
liek seriously fast. more on this later im fucking tired.


Yuta Akaishi said...

i also had the same thing on my bathtub when i was a kid.

mattninethousand said...

WHATTTT thats crasy ahah, we can be bathtub bros