Sunday, October 11, 2009

justins 610 is dope

sorry no music today, ill leave you with this.

taking a break from studying to show you more of justins wagon..

i could have just stopped here....but
the other day justin finished up the subframe

asahi all day
me and yuta in the same picture...whattttttttt
then we went to rustys work to eat last night

haah justin let me mess with the car <3


Helmstarr said...

No matter how many times I see it, that Rocky Auto vid never gets old...

RB with tripple carbs sounds wicked!

Oh and yea, Justins 610 is CRAZY dope!!!


mattninethousand said...
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mattninethousand said...

i know right?? rocky auto has hella dope s30s but i like the carbed rb ones the best. and justins wagon is something else haha