Thursday, May 27, 2010

check this out

this guy has a cool rx8
mazda speed i think
mazda speed
ahha the coolest fd, i like this car hard
mazda speed seems like a awesome street style choice, whcih is wierd cause i thought mazda speed made nothing but ugly shit.
all the cool things i could put under that cover
hate the aero but these eyelids are the only ones i have ever seen that i like.according to the site i got the picture from these are kei office eye lids, surprising right?
ings,i only like the trunk wing, its awesome
ings again
rmagic? haha
burnout is really cool aero


Anonymous said...

i thought that said "my boyfriend's black"

Ruiz said...

Dude, June 4th is like a FEW days away, I hope your vehicle is able to do neat tricks by then.

Luis said...

burn out is my fav of those, when i was considering getting a rx8 i wanted that aero

matt said...

haha lucky i think i just got an idea for a song, ill start writing soon... and ruiz sorry dude its not going to be finished i have gotten a bit more to get but its pretty sick how things are getting done