Sunday, May 30, 2010


so henry got a call from a friend saying taht a friend of hisss had some onevia stuff i might want, and it turned out to be everything i needed for the most part, so we went to go pick it up. shot the shti for a little bit with the owner of the s13 stuff and he mentioned he had another project so i wanted to check that out. when he opens the garage i almost didnt believe my eyes.

a kpgc10 sedan, fucking cool, so i see these hella often at like jccs or whatever and its just kinda like ehh cool, but when you see it in a persons garage like in a residential area its a super different feeling.

it was all super clean inside and out

cool plug type gas cap.
big thanks to the owner for letting me get that front end stuff and letting me take pictures of your awesome skyline.

boom 280


inZane240 said...

What no pictures of the 280zx? lol

matt said...

haha one sec ill edit the post im sure i have at least one picture of the z.