Thursday, May 6, 2010

i need your help!

hey does anyone have the following things :
-a pair of r33s (or a set maybe)
-any onevia front end parts they want to give away
-like headlights, headlight brackets, fenders, hood,that wierd part that goes infront of the rad support and like holds the middle top of the front bumper up?
-skills at tinting windows?
-a dollar, im trying to get a 40

and just because you were looking at my blog i feel obligated to show you something cool...


Ruiz said...

sorry M9k I have none of those BUT I can totally P/P you 1$ for that 40oz, ;)

matt said...

haha i dont ahve a paypal!T_T FUCK MY LIFE IN ITS FACE.

henry! said...